JetX Exterior Commercial Window Cleaning

Clean, spot-free windows for high & Low-rise buildings

Commercial Window Cleaning

High & Low-Rise Exterior Window Cleaning

No windows are too high or too difficult for JetX Specialists to clean. We clean exterior windows at any height, of any size and shape, throughout New Zealand. JetX can undertake one-off window cleaning - e.g. for post-construction cleaning, and provide a regular window cleaning Maintenance Programme. We can also clean windows as part of a full Commercial building wash or property clean. 

Specialised Telescopic Poles for better access

Using our specially-designed, lightweight telescopic poles, JetX Specialists can clean windows that would otherwise not be accessible from the ground. We can clean up to four storeys high, working from the ground. This is a safer option, as ladders, scaffolds, scissor lifts or ropes aren’t required.

Abseiling & Rope Access for high-rise buildings

If required, our IRATA trained, experienced abseilers can use abseiling and rope access to undertake window cleaning safely, for multi-storey and high-rise Commercial buildings.

Pure Water System: longer-lasting, faster & cheaper  

Using our Pure Water System means the windows stay spot-free for much longer. This is also a faster way to clean windows, which means it will cost you less. When working from the ground, in conjunction with our specially-designed, lightweight telescopic poles, JetX uses Pure Water: no chemicals, just deionized water with the minerals removed. Water contains minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium - unless these minerals are removed, they remain on window glass when the water evaporates.

JetX Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance