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Enhance & protect your home, enjoy lower maintenance costs

Exterior House Washing 

in Christchurch For over 35 Years

Cleaning the exterior of your home regularly not only enhances the property, it significantly lowers your long-term repair and repainting costs.

House Washing

JetX Specialists can clean the exterior of your home and any external hard surfaces. We use a safe, biodegradable solution wash down, under low pressure - without damaging the surface. Our expertise, specialised house washing techniques and equipment can add value to your home, and removing dirt and grime regularly (annually) doubles the life of paintwork.​

Our exterior property cleaning services can include pre-painting cleaning, waterblasting (hot, cold, low or high pressure), steam cleaning, paint stripping, coatings, sealing and waterproofing. JetX also provides specialist restoration cleaning for heritage, historic and vulnerable buildings.

JetX Exterior Property Cleaning Services include:​

Driveways, paths, paving & cobblestones—cleaning & sealing

Fences—cleaning, graffiti removal

Steps, stairwell & corridor cleaning 

Decks & garages

Pre-paint cleaning 

Detergent house wash

Roof & gutter cleaning 

Moss treatment

Window cleaning—high & low-rise

General waterblasting

JetX Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance