JetX: hot, cold, high & low pressure Waterblasting NZ-wide

Up to 6000 psi: Industrial Waterblasting for any surface

Industrial Waterblasting & Steam Cleaning​ Services

Waterblasting: Hot/Cold/High & Low Pressure

JetX Specialists provides specialised Industrial waterblasting from 0 - 6000 psi - we can waterblast any surface without harming the substrate. Waterblasting can also be used for pre-paint preparation, including removing paint. JetX is also Lead Paint Accredited, with the expertise to remove lead paint safely.

Building Wash, Detergent Wash to remove exterior grime build-up

Pre-paint preparation

Pre-paint preparation

Building Wash, Detergent Wash​

Factories & Warehouses​

High & Low-Rise Buildings​

Pre-paint clean 

Removal of release agent 

Removal of rust stains​

Concrete/Asphalt: removal of oil and dirt​

Car Parks

Tilt Slabs​

Dairy Farm Sheds

Industrial Steam Cleaning

JetX Specialists also has mobile steam cleaning plants for Industrial steam cleaning from 0 - 6000 psi. Steam cleaning is used when waterblasting may not be as effective.

It is particularly effective for:

Clean down of Plant & Equipment

Remove chewing gum from paths​

Cleaning & sanitising Food Preparation premises & machinery

Cleaning Dairy Farm Sheds & Milk Plants​

Remove ice from Cold Stores

Remove oil from concrete & asphalt

Remove stains, grease, fat, wax, graffiti 

JetX Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance