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JetX Specialists cleans and maintains heritage, historic and vulnerable buildings. We have been involved in restoration cleaning for over 30 years - playing a part in enhancing both the longevity of buildings and their ongoing aesthetic appeal.​

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JetX Specialist restoration services:

Respectful, Safe Restoration Cleaning

Permanent damage can be caused by inappropriate techniques and products, using unskilled people, and by lack of knowledge. JetX uses best practice cleaning techniques to effectively and safely remove dirt, grime, pollutants, biological growths, paint, graffiti and other surface contaminants.

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems ​

For cleaning stone, brick, marble, Oamaru stone, concrete and wood, Jetx Specialists uses our proprietary, proven and safe VESS restoration cleaning systems. Combined with the experience of accredited VESS Cleaning Contractors, who diagnose then match the correct cleaning technique, we ensure surfaces can be restored and maintained without any risk of damage.

VESS Low Pressure Cleaning

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VESS Moss Removal & Prevention​

VESS services:


Bank of New Zealand Building—Kaiapoi

Ten years prior to the restoration cleaning taking place a clear glaze was applied over the red bricks. The glaze had caused moisture to be held in the bricks and allowing mould to build up. It had also made the glaze to become milky white instead of clear.

Utilising the VESS Restoration Cleaning System and our expertise in restorative cleaning we were able to remove the glaze without causing any damage to the building exterior.

The Lady Isaac Theatre—Christchurch

JetX was contracted to complete restoration cleaning on the Lady Isaac Theatre after the Christchurch earthquakes.

The building had several layers of paint over the red bricks and the Oamaru stone was in poor condition. With tried and tested JetX restorative paint removal techniques we stripped off the paint with no damage to the bricks and restored the Oamaru stone to a near-new condition. We have since maintained the exterior surface of the building with an annual moss and mould process along with a light clean.

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