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Oil & Chemical Spill Cleanups New Zealand-wide

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Industrial Oil & Chemical Spills/Hazardous Substances

JetX Specialists has over 30 years’ experience in attending to oil spills, chemical spills and hazardous substance cleanups. We have experienced teams throughout New Zealand, able to provide advice and urgent cleanups.  

Our Oil and Chemical Spill response procedure can include:

If required, JetX can also provide follow-up information regarding the cause of the spill, and precautionary measures for avoiding further chemical spills.​

Identifying & stopping the source of the Oil or Chemical Spill 

Blocking Stormwater Drains temporarily to avoid contamination

Confining and/or diverting the Oil or Chemical Spill​

Neutralising & cleaning up the oil spill, chemical spill or hazardous substance

Safe, prompt removal & responsible disposal of waste

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