JetX Pest Control & Spider Proofing solutions

Control Birds and get rid of spiders in your home!

Pest Control & Spider Proofing New Zealand-wide

Bird Elimination & Prevention

Perching and nesting birds cause not only unattractive marks on the exterior of a building but their droppings can also cause permanent damage if cleaning is neglected. We can both clean your building exterior, to remove any bird waste, as well as install measures to prevent perching and nesting such as spikes and repellent tracks.

Spider Proofing—Fast & Effective Treatment by Professionals

Having your home treated with on application of our spider proofing treatment will greatly reduce the number of spiders in your home for up to 6 to 12 months. The treatment leaves no smell or stains and surfaces are safe for children and pets once dry.   Minimizing the amount of the spiders around your property will also mean less dirt and bug catching spider webs around your property making home maintenance easier, especially during busy summer months. JetX is trained and certified approved chemical handlers. 

JetX Exterior Cleaning & Maintenance