Residential Property Washing

Cleaning your residential property exterior enhances your face to the world and helps you save considerably on long-term repair and repainting costs.

We can clean all areas of your home using a safe biodegradable solution wash down under low pressure. Our house washing techniques can add years to your paintwork. We will clean your windows and doors to ensure no water gets into your home. We also transform decks and paved areas.

Removing the build-up of dirt and grime regularly (about every six months) doubles the life of your paintwork. JetX Specialists uses a range of pre-painting, rejuvenating and maintenance services to enhance the presentation of buildings and extends the life of paint-work.

We transform: Houses, Flats, Apartments, Renovations, Decks, Roofs, Driveways, Pathways, Steps, Stairwells, Corridors, Gutters, Windows, External Walls and Garages


JetX has the expertise and skills to maintain and add value to your property;

  • Exterior Walls Cleaning Waterblasting
  • Roof and Gutter Cleaning Property Exterior Cleaning
  • Pre-Paint Wash-down Paths, Paving Cleaned & Sealed
  • Timber Deck Clean Moss Removal & Control
  • Paint Stripping Water Proofing
  • Annual Property Care Programmes
  • Spider Proofing
  • Window Cleaning
  • Pest Control


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Expertise - we are specialists We are specialists in what we do, and can call on a breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise gained from a lifetime of experience

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We are professionals in what we do.
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