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Post Construction Cleaning


Building projects handed over spick and span make everyone happy.......


Contruction is finished, your skill and expertise is now reflected in the quality of the final presentation of the building & and its surrounds.

Jet X Waterblast Specialists can assist you add the finishing touches to construction cleanup, so the final presentation of the building is clean and beautiful.


  • Cleaning dirt, stains, concrete marks, moss, mould...  off all types of surfaces - paths, driveways, building surfaces, roofs, windows...


  • We are the Waterblast Specialists, and expert in successfully cleaning the most difficult of jobs...safely & without damage..


We offer FREE advice on correctly cleaning all types of surfaces: Call us during or after your construction or restoration project, we are happy to advise on surface cleaning and how we can add value to your project. Richard Severin

Our Services 

Mould & Moss

  • Removal
  • Preventative Mould & Moss treating


Chemical (Acid) Washing / Etching

  • Remove staining & efflorescence
  • Preventative treating & sealing of surfaces


Surface Preparation for Painting & Coating

  • Low / High / Very High Pressure cleaning
  • Specialist preparation of all surfaces


Paths, Concrete, Decks, Fences, Canopies

  • Surfaces cleaned: made safe and looking great
  • Etching & Sealing of surfaces